Environmental Stewardship is everyone’s duty

Our Story

The Digital Sustainability Alliance was founded by some of today’s most innovative companies. Each founding member company was conceived to make the world a cleaner, more liveable place through innovative technologies that offer transformative sustainability benefits.

While meeting with executives we observed that many did not realize the scale of the impact their technology choices have on the environment. Those who did realize it, didn’t feel like their actions could make a difference. With the industry changing at such a rapid pace, these executives needed a place to turn to for guidance. 

So we combined efforts to found the Digital Sustainability Alliance – a membership-based coalition accelerating sustainable change by bringing together companies, experts, and innovators to drive the industry to become better stewards of the planet. By using objective analysis, we present the environmental impact of computing, the benefits of innovative solutions, and compare these innovations to industry norms. Helping you adopt new technologies while reaching and exceeding your digital sustainability goals.

What We Do

Increase Awareness

On digital sustainability issues and potential solutions..

Conduct Research

To provide more complete and measurable information.

Provide Access

To industry experts and their innovative solutions.

Build Community

Through our website, social media, conferences and events.

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What We Are

    • Innovative – always looking at new and better ways to do things.

    • Collaborative – we work together to educate and identify solutions to critical problems;

    • Committed – a voluntary organization whose partners dedicate time and energy to achieve our goals;

    • Action Oriented – actively engage decision and policy makers, the media and others to understand the issues and solutions;

    • Objective – use the best scientific and independent information to educate decisionmakers, media and the broader public.

Zettabytes Created

The world created 120 zettabytes of information in 2023. To store that on CD ROMs, you’d need a stack of CD ROMS that reach to the orbit of Mars and back.


Data Growth

Digital Data is growing 23% year over year. Source: IDC

Megabytes of Data

329 Trillion Megabytes of data is created every day.  Source: Statista

World’s Data

90% of the world’s data was generated in the last 2 years alone. Source: Forbes

Greenhouse Gas

Approximately 3% of the global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is caused by data centers, crypto and data transmissions. Source: IEA

Gigawatt-hour Power

The power consumption to train a language model like ChatGPT-3 –roughly the yearly electricity consumption of 1K+ US households. University of Washington

CAGR Increase

Estimated 37% increase in AI by 2030. Source: Statista

Server Utilization

The average utilization of servers and drives in data centers is only one-third of the available space. IBM

There is a general lack of accurate, granular and uniform reporting in the industry. The Digital Sustainability Alliance plans to help the industry address this deficiency. The numbers above are from reputable sources; however, stats and opinions may vary between sources.

Who We Partner With

Logo: MTSS, The Media Tech Sustainability Series

A fully virtual dedicated event designed around the sustainability issues within the broadcast, media and entertainment industry.  

June 25-26, 2024

Founding Members

Logo: Valdi
Logo: Ad Signal

Leadership Team

Headshot: Ben Golub, CEO of Storj

Ben Golub

Storj CEO



Headshot: Tom Dunning, CEO of Ad Signal

Tom Dunning 

Ad Signal CEO



Headshot: Nikhil Jain, CEO Valdi

Nikhil Jain

Valdi CEO



Headshot: Kent Blosil, Director of Growth and Sustainability at Storj

Kent Blosil

Storj Director of Growth and Sustainability



Headshot: Mark Bernstein, President of Earthshot

Mark Bernstein

Earthshot President

PhD: Environment