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Broadcast Unscripted – Podcast

Broadcast Unscripted – Podcast

AI Risk Versus Reward

Featuring Tom Dunning, CEO of Ad Signal and Co-Founder of the Digital Sustainability Alliance.

Broadcast Unscripted is your go-to podcast for in-depth coverage of the hottest trends and critical insights in the broadcast and media industry. Led by Managing Director Helen Weedon, this podcast delivers exclusive perspectives from top industry companies and delves into the latest developments in Media & Entertainment. From exploring generative AI and deep fakes to reporting on major industry trade shows like IBC and NAB.



Ad Signal cures “versionitis” – accelerates ad logs

CEO Tom Dunning tells us that Ad Signal is working on eight products, four of which are patented or patent-pending. One technology is Ad Signal’s fingerprinting-based deduplication offering Match, which tries to address the issue of “versionitis” among content holders suffering from bloating storage costs, by keeping useless minutely different versions of individual titles. Match enables content holders to eliminate redundant files. “Nobody cleans up after themselves,” Dunning said, noting that lower resolution proxy versions of…



Digital Sustainability Alliance—three is not a crowd, but will make one

…“AI is the biggest threat to our sustainability goals”. On the eve of the trade show’s grand opening, members of the press and sustainability-concerned attendees witnessed a series of talks from the Media Tech Sustainability Series (MTSS). It culminatied with a brief introduction to the recently formed Digital Sustainability Alliance (DSA), announcing a partnership with the MTSS. Faultline, ever eager to inspect every sustainability shrub in the mostly apathetic…



Storj overhaul slashes latency, markets CDN origin

 …For decentralized cloud object storge provider Storj, a recent cost optimization effort fueled by rapid growth has successfully doubled storage performance and slashed latency in half, claims COO John Gleeson, in conversation with Faultline. The secret behind the code overhaul that has enabled these improvements is quite simple—Storj cut down on the excess of durability it provided customers. While at first that sounds like marketing speak for purposefully downgrading product quality, Gleeson explains…

Upcoming Events



IBC 2024
13 -16 September 2024 / Amsterdam, Netherlands

Delivering innovation and connecting communities, IBC2024 is where the future of the global media and entertainment industry is redefined. Energising the market, enabling content everywhere, and exploring new trends, IBC brings together the creative, technology and business communities to collaborate, learn and unlock new opportunities.



NAB NY 2024
9 – 10 October 2024 / New York, New York

There’s a city that never sleeps. Where the hum and the energy of daily life beckons with its magnetic pulse. Vibrant. Alive. Palpable. Enter NAB Show New York. Where you’ll join 12K+ content economy professionals in this thriving media capital of the world for culture, creativity and commerce.

Drawn to by all in broadcast, media and entertainment, NAB Show New York is your access to product discovery, networking and knowledge. Your time to talk AI, the creator economyvirtual productionFASTlive production and more. Your chance to ask questions, make connections and get hands-on…heightened by the sheer volume of media companies, production houses, recording studios, radio stations and industry icons teeming in this town. All here, waiting for you. 



11 – 22 November 2024 / Baku, Azerbaijan

In Solidarity for a Green World. 

The 29th session of the Conference of the Parties
to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change



The World Economic Forum – Davos 2025
20–24 January 2025 /  Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

The Annual Meeting 2025 convenes global leaders to address key global and regional challenges. These include responding to geopolitical shocks, stimulating growth to improve living standards, and stewarding a just and inclusive energy transition.

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